Freedom of Movement

2019. Silk screen. Public art 

Freedom of movement is a commissioned piece by Gallery Entrée, Norway. The piece, a flag, is included in a broader project that addresses issues of citizenship, identity and nationality.

The commission provided the opportunity to literally flag the inequities inherent in movement around the world by focusing on the injustices inherent in the visa system. 

The work juxtaposes these restrictions in travel that are applied to specific nationalities with the freedom of movement (and by extension the appropriation) of cultural artifacts such as the African Wax Print textile, which itself has its own complicated, geopolitical history.

Exhibition: Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2019), Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, Tromsø, Norway (2019), Unfolding Questions, Codes and Contours, Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, Tromsø, Norway (2020) | Curator: Randi Grov Berger 

Freedom of Movement is part of a series of works to draw attention to systemic geopolitical biases. It focuses on the visa system as an example. You can see more on this series at:

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Installation view. Kunstnernes Hus. 2019



An example:

Ugandan embassy visa requirements for Norwegian nationals traveling to Uganda:

  • Valid passport;
  • Copy of bio-data page in passport;
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate;
  • Recent passport size photograph;
  • US$ 50.

Norwegian embassy visa requirements for Ugandan nationals traveling to Norway *

  • Completed and signed application form;
  • Application cover letter;
  • One passport size colour photograph on white background not older than three months;
  • Copy of passport (including previous visas);
  • Letter of invitation from employer, school, organization confirming employment or enrollment and also stating employment period and granted period of leave;
  • Documentation of registration of company or organization, if applicant is self-employed;
  • Pay slips for the last 4 months;
  • Personal bank statements for the last 4 months;
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable);
  • Birth certificates of children (where applicable);
  • Detailed itinerary;
  • Flight reservation;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Travel health insurance valid in Schengen countries with minimum coverage of € 30,000;
  • € 60 application fee;
  • € 30 handling fee.
*Submitting all required documents does not guarantee that the visa will be granted.

Another example:

African wax print fabric.

Installation view. Kunstnernes Hus. 2019


Installation view. Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, 2020

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